Our story

William Zuill started with the simple idea of making the belt a hero, rather than just an afterthought. The brand was established when we arrived back home from a year travelling overseas with a dream to create a one-stop-shop for men's belts online. 

Our brand name, William Zuill, is taken from James' family, the Zuills in Bermuda. The name William is the name given to every first born son in their family and goes back generations. While overseas, we were lucky enough to spend a few months living in Bermuda with James' grandfather, William S. Zuill. He was a very special man, and one loved by the island. Always ready to suit up and known to don some quirky bow ties, William's style was traditional and stylishly (sometimes questionably) playful. 

Our brand takes inspiration from the Bermuda lifestyle and, in particular, a traditional style motif belt that almost every man on the island is sporting.  William Zuill offers a range of the signature Bermuda belts and a selection of carefully curated leather belts. 

Our goal is to make buying a belt a decision you can make with ease and in confidence.