Natural Leather

At William Zuill we strive to use the best leather and have rigorous quality assurance processes to make sure our leather is far better han the standard. The leather we use is always natural which means we follow a vegetable tanning process instead of a chemical tanning process. Our natural leather will get better and better the more you wear it, moulding to your shape and movements.

What is natural leather? 

Natural/vegetable tanned leather is made from an old tanning technique that uses tannins and ingredients found in plant life to add the colour to the belts. This is a significantly more thorough tanning process and avoids the use of chemicals throughout. Chemicals can lead to shorter lifetimes of leather and makes the leather more vulnerable to damage.

Natural leather will show the imperfections of the leather, a look that we love. These imperfections mean every belt is that little bit different and unique.